Meet Our Pastor

The Rev. Dwayne Jackson has been the pastor of the First Reformed Church of Astoria since January of 2000. Before that he served as our contract pastor from October of 1998 while completing his theological training at New Brunswick Theological Seminary. His educational accomplishments include a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from New York Institute of Technology with a Minor in Computer Science, and a Masters of Divinity from New Brunswick Theological Seminary.

Born and raised as a son of the Mott Haven Reformed Church located in the South Bronx Rev. Jackson remained an active member of the Reformed Church in America. Ordained first as a Deacon then as an Elder he actively served on the Consistory of the Mott Haven Reformed Church until he received a call into the ministry.

Within the Denomination Rev. Jackson has worked in a variety of areas, which included the coordinating the Eastern Region of the African American / Black Council Men’s breakfasts and the planning committee on the annual Men’s Retreats.


He has been instrumental in organizing a number of youth events, workshops and ministries for the Reformed Church in America. He served on the Executive board of the African American Council, and as a Co-Chair person of the Program Committee for the annual African American / Black Caucus. Rev. Jackson served the Reformed Church in America as the Minister of Social Witness and Social Justice and represented the denomination on several national boards including the National Council of Church's in the areas of advocacy and social justice.

In the community of Astoria and Long Island City, Queens Rev. Jackson serves as the Clergy Liaison for the local police command. His work involves mediation between members of the community and helping them to build a peaceful relationship between that will benefit both the local citizens and the patrol officers, where mutual respect is fostered.

Rev. Jackson also worked as a part time Computer Service Technician for the NYC Department of Education.

He is married to the Rev. Anna Jackson pastor of the Queens Reformed Church.

Serving as a full time pastor of the First Reformed Church of Astoria, Rev. Dwayne Jackson has promised to dedicate his life to preaching and teaching the un-compromised Word of God to all the people of God and making Disciples for Christ.