Sunday Morning Inspirational Reading

Meets every Sunday at 9:30 AM

We are now reading:

“The Old Testament"

Previous Readings

“The Prayer of Jabez” by: Bruce Wilkinson

“The Secret of the Vine” by: Bruce Wilkinson

“The Prayer of Jesus” by Hank Hanergraaff


“A Study of Baptism

“A Walk with Jesus from His Ministry to The Cross and Beyond”

“Women of the Bible”

“A Study on Advent”

“A Life God Rewards” by: Bruce Wilkinson

"The Ten Commandments"

A Study on Epiphany"

"A Study on The Apostles Creed"

"The Dream Giver"

"God is in The Hard Stuff"

"God is in The Easy Stuff"

"Ecclesiastes from the Message Bible"

"Too Busy Not To Pray: Slowing Down to Be With" God by: Bill Hybels

" Jesus for Our Time" by J. Ellsworth Kalas

"The Heidelberg Catechism"


"The Parables of Jesus"

"The Book of Ezekiel"

"The Book of Revelation"

“The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho