Adult Bible Study and Prayer Session


Adult Bible Study and Prayer Session meets on

Tuesday at 7:00 PM

We are currently discussing the book of Hebrews


Our goal is to read the entire bible from Genesis through Revelation. It is our choice not to read the bible in a year but to read slowly so that we may absorb as much as God will allow us to do in an evening. 


After the reading of each chapter we engage in a time of discussion, examining its theological and historical meaning as well as how the passage of scripture speaks to our lives as children of God in today’s world.


When we have completed our time of study, we then open our hearts, minds and spirits for a time of prayer. This is the time that we spend with God, sharing our personal concerns as well as those that affect the world around us. 


Come and share this time of learning and pray with us. All you have to bring with you is your desire to learn and your favourite bible. (If you don’t have a bible of your own don’t worry we have you covered.)